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The Observer view on Donald Trump’s vile rhetoric and the US pipe bombs | Observer editorial 28 Oct 2018, 1:00am The Observer view on Donald Trump’s vile rhetoric and the US pipe bombs | Observer editorial
Republican leaders see no link between the president’s rabble-rousing and the threats to some of his prominent criticsDonald Trump’s inadequate and self-referential response to last week’s spate of attempted pipe bomb attacks was, sadly, what we have come to expect from this most un-presidential of American presidents. As Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, told CNN, Trump has “never fully made the transition” from candidate to White House incumbent. It is plainly too much to hope that he ever will. Trump’s narcissistic suggestion that the attacks, which exclusively targeted his political opponents and critics, were being exploited by Democrats and the media to discredit him ahead of next month’s congressional elections was disgraceful. Trump does not understand he is president of all Americans, not only those who voted for him.
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No Debate in New York State 21 Oct 2018, 7:09pm No Debate in New York State
Cuomo, Gillibrand and the arrogance of one-party rule.
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100% Chance of Taxes 28 Sep 2018, 7:08pm 100% Chance of Taxes
Andrew Cuomo explains why New Yorkers leave for other states.
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30 Jun 2017, 9:10pm Like Vanity Plates for Politicians
When politicians see a big structure, they can’t seem to resist naming it for one of their own. Up next: the Mario Cuomo Bridge....
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23 Jun 2017, 9:20pm New M.T.A. Chairman Is the Right Choice for a Tough Job
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has named Joseph Lhota as chairman of the beleaguered agency. Now they need to figure out how to fix the M.T.A....
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26 May 2017, 10:04pm Governor Cuomo’s Pledge to Fix the Subways
“We need to have the best transit system on the globe,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said this week, but New York’s system is nowhere near the best and is getting worse....
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4 May 2017, 3:21am Let Penn Station Breathe
An architect gives Gov. Andrew Cuomo his best chance to straighten out the subterranean mess that is America’s busiest train station....
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Tuition-Free College Is Nothing More Than a Political Ploy 19 Apr 2017, 6:56pm Tuition-Free College Is Nothing More Than a Political Ploy
New York’s plan makes no sense except as a way for Gov. Cuomo to pitch Iowa voters ahead of 2020.
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14 Apr 2017, 9:06pm Updated Mr. Cuomo’s Free* College Plan
There are a lot of holes in the scholarship program, but that hasn’t kept the governor out of adverb overdrive....
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28 Mar 2017, 3:21am Updated A Bad Idea to Cut Prison Visitations
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to slash visiting hours at New York’s maximum-security prisons should die quickly....
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17 Feb 2017, 3:21am Plastic Bag Fees Make Sense. Just Not to Albany.
In blocking New York City’s plan to impose a fee, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has needlessly held back a workable solution.
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13 Jan 2017, 9:22pm Mr. Cuomo Has 149 Things to Tell You
The 2017 State of the State book is chock-full of proposals. What is real, and what is the governor merely asking us to imagine?
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5 Jan 2017, 9:49pm Updated New York’s Unequal Justice for the Poor
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s veto of a bill requiring the state to pay more for indigent defense was disappointing, and it can’t be the end of the matter.
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5 Jan 2017, 3:21am A Promising Proposal for Free Tuition
Although Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal would help many families, a close examination of costs will be required to make sure it is workable.
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30 Sep 2016, 9:41pm Editorial: Next Stop, Farley Station
Governor Cuomo needs to develop a plan to regain what the city lost when the old Penn Station was destroyed.
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23 Sep 2016, 12:42pm Letter: The Hudson River Cleanup
Scenic Hudson writes that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s move for additional cleanup by G.E. “is a potential game-changer.”
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